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La Bella Romana Story

The Start

La Bella Romana LogoWe often have customers ask questions about our famous La Bella Romana™ line of Italian specialty foods, fresh bakery, and delicious Cucina meals. Frequently, they want to know why their friends and family in other parts of the country can't find La Bella Romana™ at their local supermarket or Italian specialty food store.

Many people don’t realize that La Bella Romana™ is sold exclusively at Angelo Caputo’s Fresh Markets.

You see, years ago, Angelo and his wife Romana realized that many of their customers were first-generation immigrants from Italy, much like themselves. Although each family brought with them their prized collection of recipes (which were often guarded as closely as their savings account passbooks), there was something missing…The American palate was wholly different than what they were accustomed to, and many of the everyday foodstuffs simply didn’t taste the same as what they enjoyed growing up.

While people could buy most of the products that they knew from their homeland at Caputo’s, the fact that these items were imported meant that there was a huge difference in price between domestic American goods and the imported lines.

Fortunately, Angelo and Romana ascertained that if they could work directly with growers and manufacturers in Italy and purchase products in bulk for transfer to the States, they could save on the (considerable) middleman mark-ups.

Passing these savings on to their customers would ultimately give them a strong, competitive edge versus other supermarkets, and it would also help ensure that customers would come back to Caputo's more often.

The Quest

Angelo and RomanaIn 1986, Angelo and Romana took a trip back to Italy to visit family. While there, they met with a number of Italian food processors and manufacturers to make plans for a new line of imported Italian specialty foods.

Selecting the items to include in their product offering, picking the best supplier, and arranging transportation back to the Chicago area, were all pertinent steps; but before they could proceed, something very important had to be decided…The Caputo’s needed to come up with a brand name that would convey the excellent quality and true "down-home" Italian flavor of the products. It also had to be easy to remember.

This turned out to be a more difficult task than any they had encountered up to that point. Friends and family came forward with numerous suggestions, but none seemed to quite fill their needs. Then one day, after many failed attempts to settle on a name that would best describe this new line of products, Angelo walked into a room and caught a glimpse of his lovely wife smiling brightly at him...

The name came instantly: La Bella Romana, "The Beautiful Romana".