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Meat Department At Angelo Caputo's, we are committed to offering a wide choice of meat cuts in an effort to meet the needs of all types of customers, regardless of their ethnic preferences or budget. You can count on Caputo’s to have the sharpest pricing on basic meat cuts like ground beef, roasts and steaks. Our Family Pack in particular is designed for those who are looking for the very best value for their money. If you commit to purchasing a slightly larger quantity, we reduce the price per pound.

All of our packaged meat and seafood is freshness dated and guaranteed to be fresh for home preparation if properly refrigerated. If you ever have any concern about a selection of fresh meat or seafood, simply bring your receipt to the meat manager for a prompt and courteous refund.

In addition to the standard American cuts, our stores also offer special cuts of meat more popular to those of you who cook non-American dishes. If you don’t see a cut of meat that you are looking for, simply ask a member of the meat department for help or, alternatively, send us an email here.

For our customers with more discriminating tastes and those more interested in the treatment, feed, and environment experienced by the animals prior to production, we offer several lines of premium quality and/or humane produced meats and poultry. For example:

Strauss Veal & Lamb

Strauss Lamb “A simple statement that clearly defines our vision for ourselves, our families, our company Strauss Free Raised, and our future. Nature provides many gifts. The air we breathe. The earth beneath our feet. The food we eat. Life itself. How we treat these gifts is how we are measured. We take joy in this responsibility and apply it sincerely to the philosophy that we embrace and the products that we offer.

When you choose Strauss Free Raised, you accept nothing less then what nature gives. That's our pledge from our family to you!”

Strauss Free Raised
  • Free to Roam – never tethered or raised in confinement
  • Raised on natural open pastures alongside mother & herd
  • Never raised in feedlots
  • Unlimited access to mother’s milk
  • Strictly vegetarian fed – never receiving animal by-products
  • Never ever administered growth hormones
  • Never ever administered antibiotics
  • Never experience the stress of industrialized farming
  • Traceable to place of birth
  • Agriculturally sustainable & environmentally friendly
For more information click here.

Miller’s Amish Country Chicken

Millers Amish Country ChickenOur chicks are hatched at our own hatchery and placed primarily on Amish family farms. The birds are raised inside naturally ventilated, curtain-sided houses and are free to roam on open floors. They are fed an all-vegetable, drug free diet and are hormone and antibiotic free.

Antibiotic free - Our chickens are raised on all-vegetable feed that is ground at our feed mill from corn and soybeans. No antibiotics are added. (Labels can be confusing -- Although the term "free-range" may appear on a label, that does not mean the product is antibiotic free. There is no requirement that free-range chickens be antibiotic free.)

Vegetable fed - The feed is a mixture of corn, soybeans, minerals, salt and vitamins that is mixed at our own feed mill, and there are no animal by-products, animal fats, or coloring added, ever. Are Miller Poultry chickens "free-range"? - Miller Poultry chickens are raised primarily by Amish families in smaller flocks. While they are free to roam within the chicken house, they are not "free-range" for several reasons. Free-range, outdoor chickens are challenged by weather and disease, and are at risk for exposure to airborne contaminants.

Baby chickens need to be warm and dry during the first two weeks of their lives and could not survive the elements. Also, older chickens would be under extreme stress in temperatures colder or warmer than ideal given our Midwestern weather, which could lead to extreme stress or even death. Miller chickens are raised in as stress-free an environment as possible; they have access to fresh water and feed, natural light and ventilation, and are free to roam within the confines of the chicken house. The chickens are cared for by peaceful Amish families.

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