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Friday, October 12, 2012

Early Bird Pre-OrderingPre-Order Meats

How's the saying go? The early bird gets the turkey? Ok, maybe not, as that would constitute cannabalism, but the point still stands; it's always a good idea to think ahead to the holidays, and that means pre-ordering. You really don't want the disastrous scenario of trying to microwave a turkey "Mr. Bean" style one hour before the relatives arrive. Pre-oderding solves that problem.

What can you pre-order? A better question would be what can't you pre-order.

Everything from Ho-Ka turkey, to Kentucky Legend ham, to Strauss lamb is available for early order. You can even order duck or Angus beef roast, if you'd like to break away from the traditional meals served during the holidays. Stop in by your favorite Angelo Caputo's location and consult with the meat department. They'll let you know all the meats we have available. Prices are always in flux, so we cannot provide that info just yet. 

Pre-orders don't just stop with meat, though! Know someone who loves fruit? We offer a full selection of fruit baskets, and they can be customized to your specification. To place an order for a custom (or pre-arranged) gift basket, please consult with your local Angelo Caputo's store manager.

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